There are multiple options out there to run scheduled or recurring jobs in python. In my case I needed something that was simple and easy to use for my project where I periodically need to write to SQLite DB in the background.

I could go with either schedule or apscheduler for my project. I wanted to try my hands on apscheduler because I saw a lot of features it had like

  • Job stores to store the scheduled jobs so the next job executes even when the process is restarted
  • Option to check each missed execution time
  • Scheduler events to monitor the successful execution of the job
  • Number of workers can be assigned to execute the task

I've used some of these features in my side projects but not all in keystrokestat

code snippet

from apscheduler.schedulers.background import BackgroundScheduler
scheduler = BackgroundScheduler(daemon=True)


def workflow(buffer):
    sqlite_connection = engine.connect()
    # do some work ...
    # Write records stored in a DataFrame to a SQLite
    df.to_sql("keystroke", sqlite_connection, if_exists="append")

def run():
        # runs workflow every 5 seconds
        workflow, trigger="interval", seconds=SCHEDULER_INTERVAL, args=(echos,)

Other interesting projects using apscheduler

  • diffido Alerts when there are changes in webpages
  • lightning Real time monitoring of Rutgers Schedule of Classes
  • scrapyweb Web app for Scrapyd cluster management